Book Reviews

 Undreamed Shores. I enjoyed this book. It was a slow burn of necessity, drawing the reader into communities from 4000+ years ago, giving time for wonder and exploration before the story picked up the pace towards the end. I shall be thinking about aspects of this book for some time to come and will view stone circles with more understanding in future. Quite a different read to Bernhard Cornwell’s “Stonehenge” but I think they compliment on another.



The Darling Girls. This was a lovely read, plenty of pace and characters to care about. It was an interesting exploration into infidelity, the motivations and the damage it can cause across an incredibly wide age and socio-economic range. It also showed how kindness and forgiveness can bring good out of a dreadful situation.


Dark Deceit. This was a fast paced book that gave interesting insights into life in the times of King Stephen, not a period I was familiar with. The characters lived on the page and were intriguing. The plight of women, in particular, was fascinating. Not only the over-protected Alleyne, suddenly on her own and with no experience of the world making stupid mistakes, but also the poor women used and abused and cast aside by society. Lots of twists and turns, this kept me reading when I ought to have been doing other things.

Righteous Exposure. Personally, I found the premise a little difficult to swallow but the writing and the characters hooked me. The not-so-smooth ending was a reward for going with the flow. A quirky, fast-paced read.

Tracey’s Hot Mail. Giggling away, as I read this book, it felt like an up to date e-version of a carry-on film. Lots of subtle and not so subtle humour woven into the life of a ladette. I could hear Tracy’s voice in my head and ‘see’ her practicing getting in and out of the car for her driving instructor. I’m not surprised she’s soon to be a celebrity.

The Filey Connection. Another reviewer described this book as a cosy mystery and I have to agree. It’s Angela Lansbury meets 1st Lady’s Detective Agency. With all the music references and the average age of the characters, it’s a good read for the over 40’s.

Playing on Cotton Clouds. I normally go for fast-paced reads but it was a joy to savour this book, to walk beside these wonderfully real, flawed characters. As in life, they made mistakes they weren’t able to put right and heroic acts came in unexpected packages. A thought-provoking read that makes me want to mend fences and contact neglected friends.

Bad Moon Rising. I couldn’t put this book down! The writing was good quality, pace crisp, plot suitably twisted with a number of possible suspects and some great characters. Please tell me there’s another Paolo book coming out soon.

The Break Up Test. I don’t generally read books in this genre but found this a quick, fun read. Tucked in neatly among the well-observed antics of the four main characters were important messages about self-esteem and personal responsibility. Well written but made me glad I’m not on the prowl anymore!


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