Angst and Laughter

At this time of Good Will to All, extra financial, physical and commercial pressures test the strength of relationships. I offer this short poem to help with the angst ~

37180024 copy (1)Steaming Uphill

You’re wrong, I’m right.

Barbed words snag and slice

Spine stiff, lace boots.

Off out. End of.

Mud sucks in the grey dark.

Sheep bleat between bites of

Storm starved winter grass

New life kicks in woolen bellies.

Slip down slick steps

The stream applauds softly,

And a woodpecker laughs

Moss drips bright. Climb. 

Hands on knees, lungs gasp

From the top of the world

I glimpse my insignificance

And space for both points of view.

And, as a contrast, this equally short poem to make you smile ~

String is King

Here I am reciting these two poems at Holmfirth Library's Winter Lights event.

Here I am reciting these two poems at Holmfirth Library’s Winter Lights event.

Sellotape or string?

Give me string anytime.

 Oh I know Sellotape is easier, quicker, more secure.

But where is the magic, the imagination?

The hoola skirts made from

The frayed bit in your pocket,

When you’re listening but not hearing.

 Knotted string trembles with anticipation in your fingers

Then opens its arms in joyous celebration

Welcoming you inside,

Eager and willing to play again and again.

Whilst stingy Sellotape merely ties you in sticky knots,

Tearing paper in tiny tantrums.

A prima donna refusing a repeat performance.

Would Sellotape deign to hold your shoes together

Or keep your trousers up,

Even in an emergency?

 I think not,

Give me string anytime.

 Season’s greetings to you all and happy reading!


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