A Christmas treat or two

Holmfirth IMG_3464m

Holmfirth IMG_3464m (Photo credit: Philip Talmage)

At our recent Holmfirth Writers’ Group meeting, Mary Walker lead us in a “fan-ficwriting workshop. Richard Raby wrote this wonderful story, as a result. I know you’ll be able to guess which classic fiction it was based on!

“Bump, bump, bump . . .

“What’s that big thing Poet?” said Playwright.

“It’s the Writers’ Block said Pooh and we’re going on an Expedition to get rid of it”

“What’s an Expition, Playwright?”

“It’s when you go off in search of Inspiration”, said Poet, “and we are going to go together to find it.”

“What does the Inspiritatioin look like, Poet?”

“Nobody knows, but when we find it we’ll know we have.”

“How will we know?”

“We’ll know because it will creep up behind us and suddenly strike us”, said Poet.

“Oh dear, Poet” said Playwright, trembling a little. “I don’t want to be striked by the Inspiritatioin”

“Come along”, said Poet, “you’ll be safe with me”.

Playwright felt a little better for this. “Where shall we start looking, Poet?”

“We’ll go and ask Christopher Author because he’s big and clever and knows everything”.

So, off they went through 100 Page Wood to look for Christopher Author and when they came to the bridge which crosses the Stream of Consciousness Poet said “We’re going to play a game which is called Poet Sticks. We’ll throw the Writers’ Block into the stream then run to the other side and the one whose Inspiration appears first wins the game”.

But the block just sat in the water and the Inspirations didn’t appear so they forgot about the Expedition and went back to Poet’s house where he remembered he had some jars of brandy.

And as they went Poet hummed a little hum to himself: “Isn’t it dandy how a Poet likes brandy – wiz, wiz, wiz, I wonder why that it is?

And Playwright was happy and said “Will we find the Inspiritation tomorrow?” And Poet said “Yes, or another day  . . . because some days it doesn’t want to come, and if it doesn’t want to, you can’t make it”.

“But it will come, won’t it Poet?”

“Oh, yes – it always comes – and if we wait together it will be better than waiting not together because the Inspiration knows how to hide from people who are looking for it the hardest. So we’ll go and hum a ‘We don’t mind if we find you or not’ sort of hum and then it will think we don’t care about it and it will come to us because even the Inspiration wants to be friends sometimes.”

“But we’ll always be friends, won’t we, Poet?”

“More than always” said Poet “because being friends is longer than forever and better than best”

“That’s good”, said Playwright.

“Yes”, said Poet, “isn’t it?”

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